Ugc Net Study Material : Research Methodology

Complete Notes on Research Aptitude

Meaning of Research

This word is made up by adding “Re” as a prefix to the word “Search”. Therefore research means to elicit some facts out of a known thing. Research is –
  • An attitude of inquiry
  • An attempt to elicit facts
  • A process

Characteristics of Research

  • It is a scientific investigation
  • It develops concepts and the theories
  • It expands the limits of knowledge
  • It can’t be implemented immddiately
  • It is essential tool for good decision making

Objectives of Research

  • To gain familiarity with a phenomenon or to achieve new insights into it
  • To portray accurately the characteristics of a particular individual, situation or group
  • To determine the frequency with which something occurs
  • To test a hypothesis of a casual relationship between variables

Types of Research

  1. Fundamental Research (Basic Research)
  2. Applied Research

Requirements of Research

  1. Planning
  2. Guidence
  3. Experts
  4. Training
  5. Finance
  6. Refrences
  7. Library
  8. Research Journals

Steps Of Research

    • Formulating the research problem
    • Extensive Survey
    • Developing hypothesis
    • Preparing the research design
    • Determining the sample design
    • Collection of data
    • Execution of the project
    • Analysis of data
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Generalization and interpretation
    • Preparation of the report of the result

    Methods of Research

    • Experimental Method
    • Observational Method
    • Survey Method
    • Case Studies
    • Test Method

    Research Ethics

    • Should maintain high standard to ensure that the data are accurate
    • Should not intentionally try to prove a particular point
    • Should ensure that the data have been scientifically investigated and his findings are totally objective
    • Should not misrepresent the accuracy of the data
    • Should ensure that privacy and anonymity of the respondents are preserved
    • Should check for code of ethics
    • Reliability
    • Validity

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