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CSAT-Prelims Exam


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For tcs academy, personalized attention and individual support to our students is in our DNA. This is backed up by our comprehensive study material and test series that accurately represent the actual CSAT exam, while offering a truly learning experience.

tcs academy CSAT Regular/Correspondence and Test Series programs  for the Prelims Paper II. Test Series programs are specially designed for students who cannot attend classes at an tcs academy centre. For these programs to be effective, one of the requirements for the students is that they be extremely self-disciplined and self-motivated.

  • The CSAT Correspondence Program offers study materials and practice tests for the Prelims Paper II. The exhaustive material has been built with extensive research over a period of time by our team of experts. The study material fully reflect the test pattern of the CSAT.
  • The CSAT Test Series provides 15 paper based tests based on the Prelims Paper II, and are sent directly to the student’s address. The specially designed tests are the closest to the actual CSAT and accurately represent the pattern and structure of the tests.
  1. Exhaustive Study Material

    tcs academy offers the most comprehensive study material for test preparation – the Basic Reference Material (BRM). The BRM pack comprises booklets with hundreds of questions for concept learning and practice. With the BRM pack, test takers also get access to online practice tests that provide adequate practice for effective preparation.

  2. Effective Classroom Training

    tcs academy believes in personalized attention for the students, both in class and outside. Our classroom programs are based on a common philosophy that a certain basic level of learning must be accomplished by the students themselves with the help of the BRM. The BRM exhaustively deals with the topics tested in the various entrance tests. Students need to go through the relevant topics in the BRM Before attending any class.

    In class:

    Classroom programs at tcs academy are designed to revise basics, teach important concepts, illustrate the application of the concepts and assess the learning imparted in the class through various solved and unsolved examples. Based on tcs academy belief in personalised learning, the time spent on each of these elements is different for different variants to enable better grasping of concepts by the students.

    After the class:

    Students are expected to revise the concepts taught in class with the help of the BRM and the student copy provided in class. Students should complete all BRM exercises corresponding to the topics taught in a class as well as the home assignment problems in the students’ copy. tcs academy faculty will attend to all queries related to the BRM exercises or home assignments during the Revisor/Helpline sessions conducted at the centres.

  3. Truly Simulated Test Experience

    Taking competitive tests means that students must always be able to assess their individual performance vis-à-vis their peers. The most important stage of preparation is to take simulated tests, and tcs academy simulated tests accurately represent the various entrance exams in every way. The tests, coupled with detailed performance evaluation reports and analyses, tcs academy ensures that through regular practice, every student is thoroughly prepared for the final test.

  4. Personalised Counselling

    Today, information overload is one of the major challenges faced by the student community. While there is a plethora of information available online or otherwise entrance tests, test preparation strategies, eligibility criteria, etc, it has become increasingly difficult for students to find the “right information”. This is where tcs academy as an expert with nearly four decades of specialised experience, can help the students find their future career path.


CSAT, as the name suggests, is a test of appropriate attitude of the candidate towards Civil Services Examination. It is worth noticing that Civil Servants hardly need those subjects in their office through which they have been appearing in preliminary examination till 2010 like History, Political Science, Philosophy, Geography, Sociology etc. Despite having good understanding of these subjects, candidates were found lacking expected fundamental abilities for Civil services many times like logic, calculating ability, ability of effective communication through language, ability of understanding data and making decisions on their basis etc. Such candidates remain a burden only on Administration as well as country even after becoming an IAS & IPS officer due to lack of administrative abilities. Therefore, CSAT will be a medium of testing those abilities which must be present in an Administrative Officer.

Segments of CSAT

  • Comprehension
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability
  • Interpersonal Skills and Communication Skills
  • English Comprehension
  • General Mental Ability
  • Numeric Skills

tcs academy provides personalised counselling to every student with regard to:

Creating an effective study plan for entrance tests

Form filling assistance for test

Any other information that the student may need during the selection process

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