Geography Coaching for Ugc-Net/IAS in Lucknow


What comprises the Geography UGC Net Syllabus




To help students develop immense tactical advantage by enhancing their concept, knowledge observation and application capabilities as well as imagination and simplifying their learning immensely.To help answer any question that may be asked from anywhere in any manner. To help memorise their facts easily and to improve their retentivity.

Key feature of the course

  • Have a complete study material beyond which nothing is required.
  • Develop command over whole of Geography.
  • Developing proper understanding of the locations.
  • Intra and Interdisciplinary approach.
  • Developing proper understanding of questions that are in true UPSC nature.
  • Relevant interrelationship of Strategic issues associated with maps.

What will the students get

  • Complete Study material and books with synopsis.
    • Geography Through Maps (World Geography),
    • Geography Through Maps (Indian Geography),
    • Basic Physical Geography,
    • Social and Economic Development, in electronic / printed form
  • Very high class video lessons based on virtual reality based documentaries, as well as recorded class lectures that aids imagination development.
  • Easing memorization and aiding retentivity.
  • Model Test Papers at the end of the session.
  • A 500 question test along with Video discussion.
  • An Interactive online problem solution session by forming their identical problems groups on the web if desired by the students.

Modus Operandi

  • Students can log on to to get themselves registered.
  • The candidate will be issued access and password.
  • Once they log in, they will start getting advisories, and materials.
  • Through these sessions the candidates will be guided through various concepts and ideas that form the programme.

Doubt clearing sessions

We will regularly have a doubt clearing session in the form of, ASK ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN’ with a live discussion session with the candidates.

What will be the impact of the course

By doing this course you will finish the section of Geography in comprehensive and holistic manner and have lot of test practice. There will be 500 questions that will be provided for practice.

How best to utilise it

  • First read the topic.
  • Listen to the explanation.
  • Now use the synopsis to revise it.
  • Practice answering Objective type questions from the MCQ tab.
  • Tcs Academy will keep you updating on current affairs regularly on this topic, as and when required.
  • Keep an eye on updates.

Online Learning sequence

SequencingTopicsChapter And Study MaterialVideo Explanation & MultimediaSynopsis & Lecture FormatFactfileCurrent AffairsMCQ’s
Coastal & Mainland AustraliaDocumentary type and topical videosUpdation will keep taking place
Coastal & Mainland AfricaDocumentary type and topical videosSame
Coastal & Mainland South America
Coastal & Mainland North America
Documentary type and topical videosSame
Coastal & Mainland EuropeDocumentary type and topical videosSame
Coastal & Mainland AsiaDocumentary type and topical videosSame
The History of the EarthLecture interlaced with graphics and videosNo updation required
The Materials that form the EarthLecture interlaced with graphics and videosSame
RocksLecture interlaced with graphics, videos and flow chartsSame
The Interior of the EarthSameSame
Lithosphere and CrustSameSame
Earth MovementsSameSame
Continental DriftSameSame
Plate TectonicsSameSame
Exogenous forces: DenudationSameSame
Surface Water and ProcessesSameSame
Lake BasinsSameSame
Ground WaterSameSame
Karst LandformsSameSame
Arid TopographySameSame
Glacial landformsSameSame
Marine/Coastal LandformsSameSame
Composition of the AtmosphereSameSame
Structure of AtmosphereSameSame
Atmospheric PressureSameSame
Atmospheric CirculationSameSame
Atmospheric Stability and InstabilitySameSame
Air MassesSameSame
Secondary Circulation CyclonesSameSame
Secondary Circulation: AnticyclonesSameSame
Tertiary Circulation: Local WindSameSame
Tertiary Circulation: Urban ClimatesSameSame
World Climatic TypeSameSame
Climatic ChangesSameUpdation will be a regular process
Relief of the Ocean FloorSameNo updation of information required*
Nature of SeawaterSameSame
Ocean CirculationsSameSame
El Nino & Southern Oscillation (ENSO)SameSame
Ocean WavesSameSame
Ocean DepositsSameSame
Coral Reefs and IslandsSameSame
Sea Level ChangeSameSame
Law of SeaSameSame
Demographic ConceptsUpdation will be a regular process
Population DistributionSame
Population issuesSame
Economic ActivitiesSame
Resources and their IssuesSame
Formation and Extraction of MineralsSame
Agriculture: Types of IssuesSame
Recent Industrial IssuesSame
Transport Concepts and hubsSame
Regional Development IssuesSame
Mapping and Atlas reading-Physiography description on a regional basisDocumentaryNo Update required
Rivers and DrainageDocumentarySame
ClimateDocumentaryUpdation will be a process
Natural EventsDocumentaryUpdation will be a process
ResourcesLecture interlaced with graphics, videos and flow chartsUpdation will be a process
Basic Agricultural IssuesLecture interlaced with graphics, videos and flow chartsUpdation will be a process
Basic Industrial IssuesLecture interlaced with graphics, videos and flow chartsUpdation will be a process
Transport EssentialsLecture interlaced with graphics, videos and flow chartsUpdation will be a process
Basics of SettlementLecture interlaced with graphics, videos and flow chartsUpdation will be a process

INDEX – TBU = To be updated, NA, not Applicable,


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